Mermaid Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

    mermaid makeup

    Hi everyone! We’re only a few weeks away from Halloween now and I’ve created this super easy & fun mermaid makeup look! I like coming up with costume ideas that don’t cost a lot of money (obviously). You could create a mermaid costume from things you have at home, such as a maxi skirt and a bikini top. You could probably find seashell scrapbook stickers at a craft store which would add lovely touch too!


    The secret to the mermaid makeup is the use of fishnets to create the scales effect around your face, neck, and wherever else you’d like to showcase them! I kept the scales pretty conservative but you could amp up this look and add them all over!

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    On to the tutorial!

    • Pretty!

    • This is so colorful! Love it!

    • That’s super creative! Good job!

    • Pretty and colourful. 🙂

    • Love this!! Especially the brows, so fun! My best friend is being a mermaid and I’m definitely going to do the fishnet trick.. Maybe some glitter too! Can’t ever go wrong with glitter;)

    • I agree, glitter is perfect for this look! I’m just so clumsy with glitter and pigments that it will always end up all over my face so I try to avoid them. Going heavier on highlighter would work as well for a glistening effect!

    • This is so pretty! Great job!

    • So creative!!

    • Lisa Marie Heath

      Super cute! I have a couple friends who I need to share this with!

    • Gosh you are so talented! This is such a great idea/post!

    • Great make-up. Good for men too, eh? Now all I need is a merman costume.

    • This is adorable. You are so cute.

    • clareelise

      This is very cool 🙂 LOVE IT

    • Thank you!!