The New “It” Skin Care Device: Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System

    If you were following along with me on social media this past weekend, you saw a lot of great highlights from the Beauty Tech Summit at CES, where I got a sneak peek at new fancy technology and devices in the beauty industry.

    I’ve actually tried my hand at incorporating a new beauty device into my skin care routine recently. While it wasn’t on display at the convention, I think it’s definitely worth talking about as one of the next popular skin care gadgets.

    Get ready to see everyone rave about the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System... even though it's meant for anti-aging, it actually saved my skin this season. Click through to see how it works and what it does!

    The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System is a new anti-aging and skin toning device that is marketed to treat signs of aging quickly, effectively and painlessly. It’s been clinically proven to deliver glowing, healthy and younger looking skin without invasive treatments or endless trips to a clinic you’d normally have to go through for those results.

    How does it work? The Conture stimulates your skin with isometric compression and ultra-low frequency sonic vibrations. It uses a gentle vacuum to lift and release the skin within the silicone cup on the nozzle, while the vibrations flow outward. There are three modes: Face, Neck and Mild, Mild being the lowest speed and Neck being the highest speed.

    Get ready to see everyone rave about the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System... even though it's meant for anti-aging, it actually saved my skin this season. Click through to see how it works and what it does!

    So I know what you’re thinking: But Miranda, why the heck do you need an anti-aging skin care device at the ripe age of 22? Girl, I hear you, BUT what really drew me in was the Conture’s user testimonials and how they boasted the biggest improvement in radiance & luminosity, and smoothness & evenness. These are areas that have seriously been lacking when it came to my winter skin, and I was at my wit’s end trying to remedy.

    What had been particularly frustrating was that all of my favorite products seemed to have just stopped working for me. My tried and true routine just wasn’t cutting it to combat dullness, redness, acne and dry patches. Cue pulling my hair out. Being dermatologist tested and recommended, I didn’t have anything to lose by testing out the Conture.

    Get ready to see everyone rave about the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System... even though it's meant for anti-aging, it actually saved my skin this season. Click through to see how it works and what it does!

    I knew I wouldn’t see results in terms of anti-aging because of my age, but I was also pretty skeptical at how much of a difference this little face vacuum doohickey could possibly make. So I’ve used it for almost a month and well… it ended up being my skin care savior this season.

    I started using the Conture on Mild, since my skin had been feeling super sensitive since November. After about a week, I started feeling improvements and switched to Face mode. After another week, I saw a really quick turnaround in my skin’s appearance. My breakouts were clearing up, dark spots slightly starting to fade, and the texture was improving immensely. I was being reunited with the skin I knew my routine was supposed to serve up.

    Before & After using the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System. It seriously improved the texture and evenness in my skin, and let my products work like they're supposed to. Click through to see how it works!

    The Conture’s role in it all? The device completely enhanced my skin’s absorption. My cleansers, creams and moisturizers were able to live up to their full potential and did their job better than ever. It seemed like the Conture also helped my skin cells’ turnover rate, as new blemishes seemed to heal faster and my skin has been getting consistently clearer and more luminous, with an even texture and tone to boot. I’ve also been dealing with recurring cystic spots on my cheeks which I’ve been targeting with the Conture; I’m happy to say that since the last time they went down, they haven’t come back!

    While I wasn’t using Conture for its anti-aging benefits, the before-and-afters on their site are pretty impressive. They also have a serum, lotion and creme to use with the device if you’re targeting wrinkles and hoping to achieve firm skin. As something that is mostly advertised to treat aging skin, I’m stoked that its was still able to revive my own skin and help repair it after a particularly harsh winter for my face.

    The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System isn’t cheap— you can try it for a month by paying $29.95, followed by 5 monthly payments of $59.99 (with a 60 day money back guarantee). However, I do have the scoop that there will be a TV special that will bring the price way down soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 😉

    Would you give the Conture a shot?


    • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

      Yes, it looks like it worked on your 22 year old skin! But I really need it! Do you know if the Foreo Luna low frequency sonic vibrations are supposed to do the same thing? At any rate, I’m intrigued

    • It’s probably the same idea, but with this one you’re getting 2-for-1 since you also get the vacuum for isometric compressions 🙂

    • This sounds really, really neat! And, your skin looks amazing. I am much older than you, so I think I could see some good prevention for me, too! <3

    • Stacy Pierson

      I would so try this!

    • Oooh this has intrigued me!

    • Aleya Bamdad

      The texture of your skin looks amazing.

    • Rachel Runyan


    • marciaf

      This made a great difference on your skin. I hope I’ll see reviews of this on oldies too.

    • It looks like it really improved the texture of your skin.

    • Sounds like my kind of gadget!

    • It did, I was really surprised!

    • Yeah, I’m excited to see people with other skin concerns review it too!

    • It feels so much better than it has all winter!

    • Do it! I’d suggest waiting until it’s on QVC so you can get the special price 🙂

    • Oh definitely! I’m always curious as to how I’ll look when I’m older since I’m using all these devices and creams when I’m young 😛

    • Stacy Pierson

      You are truly amazing, you know that? Very impressive at such a young age. Wish more were like you! Keep up the excellent work! We love you here in Dallas TX!

    • Thank you so much, Stacy! That means the world to me, I’m so flattered. Thanks for supporting me by reading and commenting! Hope to talk again soon 🙂

    • Kendra Stanton

      I really love mine!

    • Ooo I hope to read about it on your blog soon!

    • I want to try it–I’m the target audience–OLD! I would love to see improved texture. It definitely made a difference for you–nice to see something that lives up to it’s claims.

    • Peggy Hackett

      I just got my Conture skin enhancement system today. I am looking forward to good results.

    • Hope you get what you’re looking for!

    • Gina Miller

      Does it really daminish wrinkles I have tried everything

    • Since I’m only 23, I don’t have wrinkles yet so like I said in the post, I can’t speak to those effects. But it did smooth my skin and even my texture tremendously!

    • Ruth R

      I bought this product on a whim. Be aware that it takes at least 20 minutes am & pm. At 53 people often think that I’m much younger but I can really see the sagging. When I decided to send it back it wasn’t a problem but 2 weeks later I received the serum in the mail. When I called about that the lady was very huffy and told me that I didn’t cancel the auto ship. I just thought that was stupid that they don’t automatically cancel the auto ship when you send back the device!!!

    • Bizarre, well, I don’t work for the brand so I can’t really offer much help except to contact their customer service about the issue!

    • Isaiah

      Can men use this????

    • Most certainly!

    • crazyoverpurple

      I have seen the commercial for this but the price is just the one that you paid…nothing special or less!

    • Ash

      Do you have the scoop if the price is going to drop to get the gadget?

    • Ash

      Ive seen the price on TV for $29.95 + few payments of $59